Fundraising Consultant Can Transform Your Campaign

While private businesses rely on the sale of goods and services to finance their operations, nonprofit organizations rely almost entirely on the generous hearts of their donors. Even so, it’s easy to get swept away with planning the perfect fun event or donor-recruitment marketing.

However, most of the revenue for nonprofits is obtained through major gifts from heavily stewarded veteran supporters. Therefore, in order to reach your fundraising campaign goals, you’ll need to focus your efforts on reaching these supporters.

Fundraising consultants are nonprofit professionals who know how important it is to organize and execute campaigns with these donors in mind. Therefore, relying on them throughout the process can drastically help your nonprofit make the most of your campaign and save money while doing so.

As a fundraising consultant, I can help your nonprofit:

Develop fundraising goals.
Conduct a feasibility study.
Create an effective fundraising plan.
Implement your plan.
Incorporate Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Create a Virtual Component for Your Event
Develop a Monthly Giving Program
Leverage Major Gifts
Form Strategic Partnerships
Link Your Direct Mail to Your Online Presence
Make Sure Your Donation Pages Are Mobile Responsive